Beauty Secrets

I’ve decided it’s time to let you all in on a few beauty secrets of mine.  There are basically two things that I cannot live without. 

1. Exfoliating gloves.  These are pretty much the best thing ever!  I simply cannot shave without using them first.  They are the cure for razor burn.  They also work great for a gentle scrub of the face every now and then and are great for the lips too. The best part is they only cost a few dollars.


2. Lanolin.  This is the best lip moisturizer that you’ll ever use.  If you just put a generous amount on at bed time, you’ll never have to reapply anything during the day (unless it is in the dead of a dry Utah winter…then you’re screwed no matter what you use).  With this recommendation I have to give two warnings.  First, it is pure lanolin which apparently some people are allergic to (just a guess by the dozens of other products that specifically state "lanolin free").  Since it is the fat from wool, my guess is if you are allergic to wool, you should stay away from lanolin.  The other caution is that if you buy this specific brand, you should know what it’s real purpose is.  It is a nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers.  Yep, it actually says, "For Breastfeeding Mothers" on the tube bigger than it says the brand or what it is.  So needless to say, it is not in a discrete package.  I’m still trying to find a lip balm type of container to squeeze it into but there have only been a few people who have pointed out what it was so I’m not too concerned.  This stuff is a little expensive (I think around $8 for a 2 oz. tube) but I’ve had the same tube for about three years so it definitely lasts.




So now it’s your turn.  What are your beauty secrets that you just can’t live without?

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  1. ohhh I LOVE using Lansinoh for my lips! Of course I discovered it because I was breastfeeding. I read that it was for chapped skin so I decided to try it on my lips and is was amazing!!! Good beauty tip!

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