Four long, LONG years

So I wrote this post a long time ago but never posted it because I was going to get the pictures from our adventures.  Well, obviously that never happened so I’m going to be like most other people and say, “pictures are coming”….and probably never post them.  So here is the story anyway.  I don’t want to go and change all the dates so just so you know, our anniversary was February 5 and the stuff we did was on the following Saturday.


This last Thursday was our four year anniversary.  Can you believe it?  Four years!  Oh, where did the time go?  Devin has started this thing lately where he tells people that we have been married for four, long….long….LONG years.  He thinks it’s funny. Sometimes it really seems like a long time, especially when a lot of people in our ward have been married for only a few weeks.

On Thursday we actually didn’t get to celebrate much because Devin has a pre-interview mix and mingle event for a company he was interviewing for an internship position.  So we spent the evening in awkward conversation and eating heavy hor’dourves.  Like most people that night, we found out what “heavy hor’dourves” means.  Basically, wedding reception food.  They even had a chocolate fountain, which was disgusting. It was this flavorless, dark chocolate that was more like that shell chocolate so it made it really hard to eat.  


Anyway, we decided to wait until Saturday to do the celebrating.  Devin made all the plans.  First, we went inner tubing.  Though it was fun, there was a general consensuses that the rungs were particularly slow that day because it was relatively warm.  The snow was a little more slushy and I suspect that had it been more like ice we would have been cruising down the hill.  But it was still fun.

After that we took a quick trip to the outlet malls.  Then we were off to dinner in Salt Lake.

After all the years of being in Utah and talking about it constantly, Devin decided it was time for us to go to The Roof.  The Roof is, from what we gather, one of the nicest and most expensive restaurants in the area.  It is buffet style and is a whopping $35 a person.  We were excited but honestly left quite disappointed.  The food was ok but it certainly wasn’t $35 worth, nor was the selection.  I left liking four things:  mushroom salad, Lion House rolls (which you can get any time at Deseret Book), chocolate mint cake, and crème brûlée. The crème brûlée was the best!  I pretty much filled up on that. But other than that, we both left knowing that we probably wouldn’t go back again.  The funny thing is that when we were leaving, there was another young couple in the elevator with us and Devin asked how their meal was. They said it was disappointing and over priced as well. We don’t get it.

So that is what we did for our anniversary.  It was a very fun day!

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  1. Happy Anniversary you guys! I can hardly believe it’s been that long, but then I realize you guys got married before I had Charlotte. You guys are so funny, I love hearing about the things you guys do. Thanks for sharing!

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