Valentines Day

I figured since everyone else is posting their Valentines Day activities, I should to.  First let me say, I really don’t care too much for the holiday.  I mean, I love it because I get to spend dedicated time with my sweetie, but I hate all the commercial crap that goes along with it.  I’ve always told Devin, “please don’t buy me flowers, especially roses for Valentines day!”  I’d much rather get roses or some other flowers 10 other times a year than for him to spend a ridiculous amount on them for one day.  But he got me flowers anyway….well, sort of.  We were at Costco and of course they had a big flower display in the front of the store and he made me get some…sort of. So I picked out some tulips at a decent price so that’s ok.

So for Valentines day we started the day off with nice workout.  I know….how romantic.  But we were just feeling like we needed to since we knew we would probably eat more than we should that day.  Then we went to work.  I know…how romantic.  Nearly every department has  been short handed lately and several people decided to go in for a few hours to get caught up.  After that, we went home and I started making a salad for Sunday’s dinner while Devin went to Costco to get our dinners.  He decided he wanted a baked chicken and I would get crab.  When he got home I decided I wasn’t too hungry (oh yeah, we stopped for some Taco Time lunch on the way home from work) so I was going to wait to eat after our activity.

Our Activity: Divine Comedy.  I know…how romantic.  (I know…I keep saying that…but I’m not so much of a romantic person but was excited just to spend some time with Devin).  Divine Comedy is a club/class at BYU and they do comedy skits and put on performances a few times a semester.  A few months ago, Devin decided he wanted to get involved with them so he offered to man their under-maintained website.  It doesn’t take him that much time but they of course love him for it.  They offered to pay him for it but he just told him he wants tickets to all of their shows.  So we spent the evening with dozens of single freshman with nothing better to do.  It was great!

Afterwards, we came home and watched 13 going on 30, one of my favorites. Devin gave me 3 presents.  The first one was one that he usually gives me for our anniversary but he forgot this year.  He always makes a poster size collage of pictures from the past year.  It’s fun.  Then he gave me not one but two necklaces from my favorite jewelry store, Argentos.  It’s this really cute store that sell all sterling silver stuff at a decent price and it totally cute. And he gave me exactly what I wanted!  Ok, so maybe I pointed a few things out to him but that’s ok, right? He got me this heart necklace that I got the back engraved with our initials and a little flower necklace.  Way cute! And with the money he spent I filled up my punch card so I should be getting a $10 gift card in the mail….awesome!

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