Internship Drama

Ah, the internship.  The goal this summer was for Devin to get another internship and with any luck, get one where he would be doing something besides programming like he did last summer.  He got a return offer from Exxon but rejected it because he felt like he needed to diversify his experiences.  He’s been applying to places like crazy and has had several interviews.  The most frustrating thing so far has been the interview process with Apple.  He really wants to intern there since it has always been his dream to work there.  He had something like seven interviews with them in the fall just to find out that they didn’t decide to make an offer (oh frustrating!).  Since then, he’s been trying to find something in the Portland, Oregon area but there just isn’t much there. So, as a desperate move, he applied to “the big four”.  The big four are accounting firms where he would probably do IT audit.  This sounds very boring to him but as a last resort, we thought, why not?  He interviewed with 3 of the 4 and got call backs for a second interview with PWC and E and Y. Both are fly back interviews so he gets to fly to California for a series of interviews.  I think at one of the companies, they are talking about putting him in something besides IT audit, which might be better.


Anyway, we’ve decided that these two companies might be our last chance.  It’s just getting too close to the end of the semester and we don’t want to have to up and move with really short notice.  Especially because he doesn’t have to do another internship, he just wants to. So we are just sitting and waiting for life to happen….literally. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

3 thoughts to “Internship Drama”

  1. Portland Oregon! I wish you were able to find work here. I would have loved having someoneI know!

  2. Keep us posted. I’m sorry that what you wanted hasn’t worked out. I will be sorry though if you have to leave your cool apartment. Good luck!

  3. Hey…I’m glad you saw me on Cari’s blog! I linked you on mine! How’s life??

    And I think your husband is in classes with my brother-in-law. His name is Andrew.

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