Just kidding…

Ok, ok…so I lied.  When I posted the last entry we actually knew exactly where we would be for the summer.  We just had to tell a few certain people before I put up a post because it just wouldn’t have been as much fun for them to find out this way.

Devin got an internship at Apple! 

We are so excited!  Like I said before, Devin has always wanted to work for Apple.  He was pretty disappointed when we were told that they weren’t interested in making him an internship offer (after 6…or was it 7 interviews).  That is why he applied to all the accounting firms and some other places.  Then, after he was asked to go to California for a second round of interviews for two of the firms, he got an email from someone at Apple who he interviewed with last year saying that he was going to intern for him.  Devin didn’t tell me for three days!  But that is understandable after the interviews before.  But it is definitely official.  We even have paperwork to prove it.

So California…here we come! 

4 thoughts to “Just kidding…”

  1. Congratulations!! That’s so cool! I love Apple so I definitely give you my blessing (since you do need it). I give you full permission to skip the reunion. Congrats again!

  2. Hey, that is so awesome!! I of course would have preferred you live in Portland, but this sounds like a great opportunity. Where in California will you be living and when do you go? What a fun adventure!

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