Details, details

A few of you asked where we would be living in California this summer.  Well, the exact spot is yet to be determined.  But Apple is located in Cupertino.  Never heard of it?  Yeah, me either.  But here is a map to give you an idea.



Cupertino is the "A", in case you’ve never used Google maps before. Our good friends, Austin and Emily, live in Concord which is just northeast of Pleasant Hill (at the top of the map).  Not too entirely close but you can bet we will be making the trip several times. (I really need my scrapbook buddy back!). 

So we plan to do a lot of fun stuff this summer.  We want to go to Lake Tahoe on the way there, the Redwood Forests, maybe Yosemite and Disney Land. We’ll see how much we actually get to fit in since those are exactly right next door to where we will be living but hey, it’s a lot closer than Utah, right?

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  1. UH, how did you do in geography class in school? Last I heard Disneyland isn’t on the way to Cupertino from Provo, especially if you drive through the redwoods. By the way I talked with gma and gpa. Gpa wants to take you on a tour of where he used to live, when they go back home. I told them you don’t have a place to live yet. They said they could leave their trailer with you and you can stay in Walmart parking lot. That would be an adventure! Love you Mom

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