Just divorced?

The other day I was on my way home from work when I saw this clunky old car with the words "JUST DIVORCED!" written on the back window.  This made me both sad and outraged. How could someone use the same means which a man and woman use to celebrate and announce the happiness of their sacred union as a means to practically brag about the sad and often unjustified situation of divorce.  Certainly I don’t know this woman whose car bore these words but the trends of divorce these days point to a situation in which divorce could have been avoided. It is things like this that show our children that divorce is not only acceptable, but celebrated.  How sad.



3 thoughts to “Just divorced?”

  1. Very disturbing, but I wanted to thank you for the tip about the ice cream bars at Costco. Yummmm. P.S. I don’t see many pictures of you on here!

  2. How sad. The world we live in makes me sad sometimes. Honestly, who would be happy and proud of getting divorced? So sad.

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