That’s funny

Whatever happened to saying “that’s funny”? Whatever happened to using words….real words?  Sometimes….a lot of times…I get annoyed when people think its cool to use the sixth grade lingo for when you think things are funny (that is, when you are forced to type your response instead of being able to laugh in a real conversation).  Sure, there are some things that you can shorten, even abbreviate, without looking like you are totally lazy or are new to this whole English language thing.  I’ve had various teachers and irritated TA’s who constantly nag the students to proofread their papers.  Not because we misspelled a word, but because we put something besides a word in it’s place.  Are you kidding me?

What’s more, it drives me crazy when someone “lol” at them self, assuming we think its funny too.  So a little advice, let me (and everyone else) decide if you are funny. Simply by putting “lol” or “haha..hehehe…” at the end of your statements doesn’t make you funny.  Unless you actually talk like that (and I’ve known a few who unfortunately do), then don’t write like that.

Besides, whoever came up with “lol” anyway?  What does it mean?  I mean, if something is funny and you laugh, isn’t it usually a given that you are laughing out loud anyway? Isn’t that the definition of laugh? Maybe I will start something new (assuming it hasn’t started already).  “LOTI”–laughing on the inside.  That makes more sense. hahaha….hehehe…lol. Aren’t i funny?

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  1. You actually just reminded me of this girl who used to say, “That’s funny,” after EVERYTHING and I, just now, got instantly annoyed. Oh man.

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