Not a fan

Why does it seem like I’m always saying, “can I just say…” or “I just have to say…”

Well, here’s another one for you. And let me just say (hmmmm) first off I have a disclaimer.  The disclaimer is that I’m not trying to offend anyone. I’m just trying to make the blogging world a better place.

So let me just say this: it drives me crazy when people put music on their blog. Hey, I’m sure it’s great when you are hanging out on your own blog for an extended amount of time (which sorry, but I can’t relate to because I use Live Writer. Love it btw). But let’s be honest. Unless you are a major binge blogger and post a ga-ton of posts all at once with a ton to look at or read, most people are only going to catch one full song–at the most. Even then, if you have a ton for someone to look at, chances are they will proceed to another page and snap–the same song starts over again or just as you were grooving to the other one, it changes to something strange and off the wall that you haven’t heard before. Besides, sometimes I’m snapping my fingers to my own music and don’t want to be interrupted by yours as I read what you did last weekend. Again, no offense to anyone. Just my thoughts.

Let me also say, (yeah, I couldn’t mention just one thing) you gotta know what your blog looks like on other screens, not just yours. For example, a few themes ago I had Devin change the background color to a different one while keeping all the other colors for the theme the same. I looked at a bunch of color codes and found one I liked.  I thought it looked great. Until I saw it on Devin’s laptop and my screens at work. Totally didn’t match like it did on my screen. I know most of you aren’t creating or tweaking your themes like that, but so goes it for font colors (not blinding and easy to read against the background), column width (don’t have a wide screen? Everyone else does.), etc.

I’m not done yet. A few semesters ago I took an English class called Intro to Literature. Surprisingly, I loved it. The teacher was one of those that taught you to be passionate about the subject when you came to the class hating it. I will always remember what she said about exclamation points. “Be careful how you use them. You can only use three your whole life.” Huh. Interesting idea. You! Mean! I! Can’t! Put! Them! Wherever! I! Want!? When you use them all the time, it takes the exclamation out of it. So goes it with CAPITALIZING EVERYTHING for emphasis. If you emphasize everything, nothing is emphasized.  While we are at it, let’s be careful with all the…………………….stuff.

And we all know how I feel about ha ha ha…he he he…lol. So, I’m not totally going there.

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  1. Pretty sure I agree with all of that. We might just be on the same page. Well done. :)

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