Roll Call

According to Google Analytics, there are approximately 30 of you who frequent my blog. One of the hits is of course me. The other 29-ish, I only know for certain a handful of you. You’d think that 30-ish would be the 30-ish that are listed on my blog roll but I’m pretty sure there are several who rarely or even never take a peak at my blabbing.

So, this post requires a comment from everyone. I don’t need much. Just say hi. Unless…I don’t know you. In that case, you better tell me everything about you. Name. Address.  Birthday. Social security number. Just kidding.

And if you are one of “those” who don’t know what a comment is or how to leave one, heaven help you. You shouldn’t be allowed to touch a computer. OK, just kidding, again.

At the end of this post there will be a line dividing it from the post previous. Just under that line and to the right (meaning the right of the column, not the right of the entire page) there is a link that says “comments-“. Click on that.

That will then bring up a section that says “Write a Comment.” Fill in your info (minimal if you like), write a message, then click submit.

Yes, this is required of everyone. I will not post another entry until I get 30 comments on this post.


18 thoughts to “Roll Call”

  1. I read it. :) Though I don’t know if my visiting will show up on analytics, because I always read through Google Reader. So maybe you have more than 30 readers!

  2. I’m scared to death to make a comment, for fear I will use the wrong punctuation!!!! Or, you might hear my music playing, or I might say lol, or ha, ha, ha. Are my colors okay with you today – only have one computer so I can’t check them.
    Just kidding, kind of. Can’t wait till Mon. Give Katelyn a hug and kiss.

  3. You crack me up. Tell cari-ann I want to be invited on her blog again since she blocked everybody way back when

  4. im here! I love looking at your blog…it keeps us up to date with everything going on with you guys…and gives us a chance to look at that adorable baby of yours as often as we want!

  5. EntertAining. I like veRy much to read your wrItngs and see very Cute
    She make me laugh long time :)

  6. Name: Katie (Bolton) Casey
    Birthday: Januray 21, 1986
    Favorite Color: Teal
    Employer: Valley General Hospital
    Favorite Pastime: reading Brittany’s blog.

  7. This is my comment. I do look at your blog. I finally figured out how to set it up as a ‘favorite’ so I know where to find it.

  8. Haha – I was actually coming on here to introduce myself when I saw your post. You don’t know me but your husband knows my husband. Devin and my husband Kindt were in the same mission district. We hung out with Devin a few times after the mission while we were at BYU. This is only my second time looking at your blog but since you won’t blog till you get all your comments I figured Id better help out ;) If you and/or Devin is interested in checking out our blog it is kanielson.blogspot dot com. Now you can check off one of the random visitors to your blog :) Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and your posts crack me up. Tell Devin hi from Kindt :)

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