Dear Cousin:


I have this envelope stuck to my fridge. It has written on it my return address.  In the area where there should be a “to” address it only bears the words “Webb Family.”

I’ve had this envelope and its beautiful contents of Katelyn’s birth announcement for nearly two months.

Perhaps you have chosen to disown me since I elected not to deliver Katelyn on your birthday like I had been given the option.

Perhaps you are not sure how to read your blog comments of me asking for your address.

Perhaps when I write “dot” for my email address you are not aware that means “.” not the actual word.

Perhaps your husband does not know how to check his messages on Facebook asking for your address.

Perhaps you are too busy with your handsome boys and beautiful new home to send a message to your long lost cousin.

Perhaps since you are now in a new home, you are not sure what your address is.

Perhaps this will get your attention.

Amber, I need your address. Please.

Your favorite cousin,


One thought to “Dear Cousin:”

  1. Haha. Sorry. I didn’t realize you were looking for my address. But NOW I KNOW! And I am looking forward to seeing Katelyn’s birth announcement. So looking forward to it, in fact, that I am going to post my address for all to see. Is that unwise? Oh well, I’ll do it for a birth announcement!


    Oh, And my email:
    awebb5 [at] gmail [dot] com

    There you go. Keep in touch.


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