Everything but Christmas

Once again, the best and most important pictures are on Devin’s computer. But here is what was left behind on the memory card from our trip to Houston to visit my family.

Here is Katelyn a few days after Christmas. She is sporting the take-home outfit that my dad bought for me when I was born. It’s the first and probably last time she will wear it because there were a few buttons that were about to pop when she wore it. I guess I waited a little too long to try it on her. Never trust a 6 month size to fit even a small 3 month old. And yes, I was drowning in it when I wore it.


This next one is my favorite even though it’s a little fuzzy.


While in Houston we decided to checkout one of the best rated hamburger places in the area. My dad ordered this huge thing which had a half pound of bacon on it. It required a fork and knife to tackle and a doggie bag for leftovers.  But all the meat eaters said they would go back again (Mel’s Country Cafe).  My grilled cheese sandwich was just that–a grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing to write home about.


Devin liked it, too.


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