Temple Square Adventures

A few days before we left for Houston we decided that we needed to have a family activity with Devin’s family since we wouldn’t be here for the holidays. As usual, things didn’t go as planed.

Our first plan was for everyone to go to dinner at the Garden restaurant. We called a week prior and they were full on reservations but said we could walk in and hopefully get a table in a decent amount of time. Well, we showed up early hoping to get on a list but they wouldn’t put us on any list because the place wasn’t full yet. They told us to come back when everyone in our part was there so we did only to be told that there would be a three hour wait. Interesting how much of a difference 45 minutes makes.

Fortunately, Devin and I had someone take our picture before it got dark out.

So here is our nice family couple’s plus a stroller picture for the memory book. It actually didn’t turn out half bad.


After deciding that we didn’t want to wait until 8pm to have dinner we checked our next option–Olive Garden. Over the phone they said 1 and 1/2 hour wait. So onto option three–Sizzler. Bleck. But wait time was 0-20 minutes so it won the hearts of everyone hungry.

What was nice is that due to the size of our party they put us in the party room.  What wasn’t so nice is a few minutes later we were sharing it with another sizable group. Lucky me, Katelyn decided she wanted to eat minutes after we sat down and wasn’t going to cooperate with the nursing cover. So I spent my time in the car with her while everyone else enjoyed a hot meal. But really, what did I miss? Warm, hard breadsticks instead of cold, hard breadsticks? Both were just as disgustingly, again.

After dinner we headed out to see the Temple Square lights.  In a crowd of a billion in 20 degree weather, it was little less than fun standing and waiting for the Tracks (Trax?) to come only to realize that there was no room in the inn for 13 freezing Colliers. So we walked…and walked. But didn’t sing. It was too cold.

After a jaunt around the square to see the lights in record time, we headed back to Little America where we enjoyed an over-priced cup of Swiss Miss.

To sum it all up, it was yet another visit to Temple Square without Starbucks hot chocolate. Every time we go I say “I will walk around drinking Starbucks hot chocolate.”

I guess I need to add that to my new years resolution list, again.

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