Christmas at last…

I’m finally getting around to my Christmas post.

We went to Houston to visit my family (did I say that already?). All of my family lives there now, including my parents. Probably because until now, that is where all of their grandchildren lived.

For Christmas Eve we had a soup potluck at my parents’ house. I made a vegetable beef soup which was brought to us by our Aunt Patty. It was all dried food storage stuff. I was definitely skeptical but now, it’s one of my favorite soups…when you minus the beef part. Devin tried a new recipe, too. He found one on the internet for his favorite Olive Garden soup. He said it tastes exactly the same so we will be using that one again as well. My mom made a salmon bisque. My brother made an Italian sausage with noodle soup and my sis made a veggie soup with dumplings (which I’m also a fan of).  I’m just not big on sausage which is why I had to pass on my bro’s and Devin’s. But it was fun.

That night we read Luke 2 and…Matt 2? Something like that. I never remember where those wise men are anyway. Our family tradition is to alternate reading a verse in English then have my dad read the verse in Czech. That’s become one of my favorite traditions.

Just before we read we had to take some pictures. Here is Katelyn and her cousin, H, who is just a few weeks younger than her. H wasn’t about to wake up for the camera. Their matching outfits are courtesy of Kiersta, Tara’s sister.


Here are all the cousins together. If you are wondering what the super hero outfit is about, he’s a wise man and was very excited about his costume.


Here are my parents with all the grandchildren. As you can see it was a little difficult to get the all to cooperate for the picture. Little M was willing to go give his cousin I a hug, though.


And here is our little family on Katelyn’s first Christmas. I’m not sure why we didn’t stand up after picking up Katelyn off the floor…


And now I’m wondering why we didn’t get a whole group picture. Huh.

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