More of the Houston trip

Here are a few more pictures from our Houston trip that didn’t quite fit in with the Christmas Eve stuff.

A few days before Christmas I laid Katelyn down next to the tree to take pictures of her to document her first Christmas. She really likes to just lay down sometimes and look around, especially at the tree.


And if you are lucky and put her down at the right time, you’ll get this…


Yep, she’ll just fall asleep. She does that on her play mat sometimes, too. It makes my life easy.

And here is one of her hanging out with Gramps. She’s all dressed up for yummy Christmas dinner.  Gramps hadn’t quite made it to that point yet.


One thought to “More of the Houston trip”

  1. I love the present one! She’s the best present of all! That’s what my scrapbook says under macy’s first chrismas pic under the tree=)

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