Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound. Mari, you were right. Drinking that much water and holding it wasn’t that bad. The ultrasound tech was nice and didn’t take a running start straight for my bladder like the one did for my first ultrasound.  The exam took longer than I thought it would since my first one was only few minutes.

Here are some of the pictures. They aren’t great to begin with and as usual, most ultrasound pictures are difficult to determine what your looking at.  Some of them I remember/know what I’m looking at.  Others, not so much.


This is a picture of….the….head?….and umbilical cord….?

Here is a picture of….the two arms….maybe….



Here is a picture of….an arm….but the label says spine…..uh…..something.

OK! This one I know for sure.  It’s my favorite (maybe because it’s the only one you can really tell what it is.


This is a picture of little baby Collier playing peek-a-boo! Baby has it’s two hands curled up covering the eyes.  You can see the nose, upper lip (which looks like an old man sexy ‘stache) and the chin. Baby wasn’t cooperating enough for the tech to get a good facial profile, or even straight on.  Seems we have a shy one coming our way. Or just one that likes to play games.   That or push my buttons which definitely comes from Devin.

That’s all the pictures we got and pretty much how the exam went. Oh, you wanted to know if it is a boy or girl, do you? Well, it is definitely not definite.  Baby was keeping it’s legs together and at times had them crossed.  However, with a pretty clear butt shot, the tech gave it an 80% lean towards a girl. So wahoo! We are having a GIRL (we think).

But just in case, Devin and I decided we would have a few boys names ready (or at least bring the name book to the hospital) and keep all of our receipts.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and get to have another ultrasound and get a little more definitive answer.  But this works for now.

7 thoughts to “Ultrasound”

  1. The whiter looking outline is usually edges on the body, but at the same time since the skin doesn’t have much color, it’ll pick up the bones easily too.

    I would say the first one is the baby doing a face plant nap on her knees and head on her hands. Second one is the peekaboo deal if you were looking through a glass floor. Third one is on her back with hands over the face basically, and the last one would be the baby attemping the blowfish move you’d see blowing on a window for sure! :D

  2. Oh gee. I’m nervous for you guys! I hope it’s really a girl. I think girls are more modest, I’ve had lots of friends who had the same darn thing happen to them. Just don’t paint anything bright pink until AFTER that little girl arrives maybe. Unless you want to. Oh wow.

  3. I bought a pattern for the dress today. I will have to do lots of modifications to make it cute. It also included a boys outfit, so if I have time I will probably make both just in case, there is sure to be another boy in the family someday. I’m excited for you guys.
    Love you (ups never caught me home so Devin may hear from Dell)

  4. Oh that’s so exciting! I can totally see you with a little girl! Let’s hope that’s what she really is. Little man Lowder can have a girlfriend that way!

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