AH! What have I gotten myself into?!

So I’m laying here on the bed doing some blog stocking and other random time wasters when I get this relatively gentle but weird sensation in my stomach.  Baby is moving right? Nothing I haven’t felt before. I’ve been feeling little twitches, kicks and other sloshing around for a good three or more weeks now. Not even thinking about it I reach down and put my hand on my tummy when I feel this firm tennis ball sized lump protruding from my stomach. 

Gross!  I’m officially grossed out! This is disgusting!  Why can’t I just lay an egg and wait for it to hatch like a chicken?

One thought to “AH! What have I gotten myself into?!”

  1. Did you ever watch the Simpsons episode where homer get his belly fat tested, and he says, ” Woohoo!! look at that blubber fly!!”
    Yeah, good luck with that..

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