21 weeks and counting

After my ultrasound last week, I was talking to my dad who requested that I take some pictures. Obviously he doesn’t frequent my blog.  My dad is a funny guy.  The conversation went something like this….

Dad: You know that actress, Demi Moore, and how she made herself famous?

(since the subject was obviously pregnancy I figured it wasn’t the time she made herself famous by shaving her head….or marrying a kid half her age.)

Me: Yeah, by having naked pictures taken of her when she was pregnant?

Dad: Yeah, you should do something like that.

Me: What? You want me to take naked pictures of me while I’m pregnant?

Dad: Well, tasteful of course.


I’m figuring that he is looking for something more like the following picture (and others that I have posted that he clearly doesn’t know about).  Not that I would ever do anything like Demi anyway.  We have these nice convenient full size mirror closet doors in our apartment.  There isn’t anything there you’d want to have a picture of.



2 thoughts to “21 weeks and counting”

  1. That really just sounds more perverted and weird than your dad is. Are you sure he wasn’t referring to the time Demi did back flips across David Letterman’s stage when she was pregnant?

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