Talk, talk, talk….

Being at home without a TV, I must be talking more when Devin is around.  Either that or his wonderful family genes of ADHD have been more active lately.  Sometimes I have to remind Devin to focus on me and what I am saying.  If I don’t, frustration easily takes over.  Usually I figure out that he isn’t really paying attention by his responses or sometimes lack of responses.  Usually we both get a good laugh when a relatively simple conversation quickly gets confusing. Here is an example of one that we had about a week ago.

We were driving in the car listening to the radio and talking off and on when I said, "can you believe it? We only have about 8 more weeks." This statement was in reference to the time we had left her in California. Which to me wasn’t confusing because we had done the countdown/countup several times before. To my surprise and confusion, Devin responded quickly with, "till the baby comes?! Wait, how many weeks are you?….wait….what are we talking about?"

We both got a really good laugh out of that one.

One thought to “Talk, talk, talk….”

  1. Oh my gosh….I read this and HAD to read it to Austin! haha! He does the same thing to me except it’s EVERY DAY!! I’m constantly saying….”Austin, what did I just say?” And he usually can repeat it back but really wasn’t letting it sink in when I said it! haha….ESPECIALLY if we’re in the car! Its like there’s just too much going on…and talking to him is useless! Haha….those Colliers…ADHD. So funny! Good to know Devin does it sometimes too! It really does sometimes make a simple thing SO complicated! Love you guys….miss ya!

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