The art of picture taking

In the past several years, most people have made the switch from film cameras to digital for obvious reasons.  During this transition period, Devin and I have found that you have to find the right stranger to take your picture.  One who looks like they have made the switch.  One who looks like they would be competent digital camera users.  Not necessarily one who has mastered every camera and every feature they have to offer, but simply someone who can look at the screen, point, and click.

A couple weeks ago Devin was lucky to get a couple of tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium from a co-worker who decided he wouldn’t be using them. Since admission is something like $30 bucks, we were excited to see what it had to offer.

We didn’t take any pictures since most of the exhibits are small and of course the lighting, glass, tons of people, etc don’t make for a good picture scenario. So on our way out we decided we should get at least one picture next to the sign so we could say we’ve been there.

So we looked around and found someone who looked like they would speak English (racial profiling….I know but sometimes you just have to…) and that would know what to do with a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. So we found a guy near by who was fidgeting with an digital SLR style of camera and decided he would be good (ie we wouldn’t have to explain that you look at the screen to aim).  Well, this is what we got.


The good news: we are in the picture.  The bad news: the intended sign didn’t quite make it. So what was he thinking? "I bet this lovely couple just wants a picture of themselves against this lovely cement wall…"  O…..k…..

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  1. you totally should have called me, being that i live really near there, and i could have come over for the sole purpose of taking your picture there. it could have been fun, so next time just let me know and i’ll stop by and snap a few for you!

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