An epiphery

Recently I’ve come to the realization/decision/confirmation that unlike I originally thought, it is not fun to be pregnant at the same time as anyone else.

Previously I thought it would be fun. However, I found out quickly that it is impossible to not compare myself to everyone else.  Several weeks ago we went out to dinner with Devin’s co-workers. His boss’s wife (Megan) came too and I had the pleasure of meeting her.  Immediately I began to hate the fact that she was there because she showed no signs of being pregnant even though she is but a week behind me.  Ug.

Then this last Monday my visiting teaching companion and Megan (come to find out they are good friends) invited me to go with a group to the zoo. Everyone who went has toddlers but I figured I should get to know some people in the ward and get out of the house for a while. So I went. Of course there just happened to be another sister ride with us who is due about 3 weeks before me and again, freaking nothing. Still in her regular clothes while I’ve been sporting the maternity style for some time. What’s even more confusing is that she’s pregnant with her second which normally would mean that you show more earlier. But I felt like saying, "hello? Is anything in there?"

And then there is the fact that at times I was having a hard time keeping up with some of these ladies. At the end of the day I was totally wiped out….and the next day too.  I don’t really get it either. It’s not like we were running for five hours….just casually walking. I do my three mile walks 3-4 times a week and at no slow pace. But I was pooped. And I certainly wasn’t pushing a stroller or carrying a child like they were. Ug.

So next time, I’m going to find the least common time of year to get pregnant and do it then. Because this just isn’t working. I swear these other women are still running like 10 miles a day. Ug.

So for now I probably won’t be posting any "week x" pictures unless they are from like a month previous.  That way it will make me feel better about where I was, not where I am at. Ug.

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