Designers needed

Yesterday I had a couple hours to burn after my doctors appointment before I needed to pick up Devin so I decided to waste some time at a mall.  I discovered something–there are some dang ugly baby clothes out there. Honestly I’m not sure what some of the designers were thinking when they made them.

After spending most of my time looking at baby clothes, I decided a few things.

First, I don’t like clothes with words on them. For the exception of something like a BYU shirt, or something similar with a similar purpose, there is no point to words and most the time, it just looks tacky. For example, I kept seeing these onsies that said things like "diva" or "got milk".  That’s just stupid. Some other ones that said "cute" or something small and inconspicuous weren’t so bad. But most of them, pretty bad.

Second, incase no one noticed but babies are small.  So why are they putting huge bodacious butterflies and bows on these little ones? Not a fan. Let’s just put things in proportion, shall we?

Lastly, I hate Disney. Last year when Cari-Ann was expecting Mitchel, she was vocal that she wanted nothing Pooh Bear.  At that time, I was like, ah who cares.  But now I get it. I hate everything Disney and it drives me crazy how much of a market share they have in children’s clothes. I don’t need to advertise for them. Besides, they make enough money by charging an outrageous amount for everything at Disneyland and under pay their interns greatly. So no Pooh (for the exception of the traditional Pooh my dad gets for everyone), no Cinderella, no Ariel and certainly no Tinkerbell.

So let’s keep it simple, huh? Small prints, tiny bows, and pictures or designs should be smaller than the child’s head. Give me a solid plain onsie any day.

3 thoughts to “Designers needed”

  1. so uh what about those onsies you got me with the sayings like “toothless but ruthless’?

  2. I was totally telling Tyson that I was going to start my own line of baby boy clothes because I hated all the ones out there. I also hate all the little one liners and huge appliques all over a perfectly good shirt or onesie. I have found some cute clothes since though.
    And I’m with Cari-Ann on the pooh stuff. Occasionally a good design but totally ruined with the pooh.

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