Yesterday we had a bit of a moment.
Since there are so many interns in our ward just for the summer, the Elders Quorum found it convenient for most of them to home teach each other. The boys decided to make it a social event for this month and just have the four couples get together for some dessert.  We were all supposed to bring some to share.  Devin and I decided to make dump cake.

We got started a little late and assembling the thing took a little longer than expected so we sat impatiently as it baked in the oven.  After a while we decided it was mostly done but needed some gentle browning on the top.  So, we decided to put in on broil.  Of course, on our fancy little pint size oven, it doesn’t have any level settings–just “broil”.  Then we sat down and started talking about baby stuff. Then….

the smoke alarm went off….


All the yummy goodness was now charred.  So now we were late to the gathering and only had some vanilla ice cream to show for it.

It ended up being just fine because when everyone brings dessert, there is a lot of dessert. Besides, our ice cream went well with another couple’s brownies.

First we blamed it on the baby.  But now we blame it on the certain individual who has managed to suck a lot of excitement out of having a baby.  Otherwise, we never would have been having the distracting conversation we were having at the time the cake went up in smoke.

One thought to “Ooops”

  1. If it means anything- I was impatient from the beginning!! Are you kidding? It’s so fun to but baby stuff!! There’s SO MUCH to choose from…I was told that I should just get what I thought I’d need….but then keep in mind that everyone likes certain things differently…so you’ll know after your 1st kid really how you like things. I think this stroller and carseat are adorable! The only thing I know of that I wish I’d looked into was that the carseat handle bar orientation. Some of them are just a bar straight across…which looks like the one you picked…also the way the one we picked out was. THEN there are those ones that have an opposite direction bar in the middle where you grip it. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Anyway…you’d be suprised how HARD it is to carry a heavy carseat with your hand turned out facing the front as you carry it!! It would’ve been SO much nicer for us to have the opposite direction handle…so that when you carry it….the orientation of your grip is more comfortable because you can hold it more oriented the way your arms lay. Does that make sense?? I dunno if I’m even being helpful or just dumb! hah. That was just one thing we wished we could’ve changed. Carrying a heavy baby is hard enough! At least make it easier to hold and lug around, right?! But the one you picked is adorable…I LOVE it! What brand is it? And PLEASE save some stuff to buy when you come down to Utah…I’ve got my schedule all the way OPEN so we can go shopping together!! :-) Miss you guys ;-)

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