Best pregnancy picture yet


OK, just kidding but it makes me look pretty good, right?

Yesterday we went up to Concord to visit our good friend Austin and Emily.  They were having a birthday party for their adorable daughter Macy who turned one last week. It was much hotter up there than in Sunnyvale, or at least it felt that way.  So we spent a good chunk of time in their pool.

Emily, being the crafty party girl she is, had everything all cute and of course in the theme of strawberries.  She made a few cakes that looked like this.


Cute, huh? We got a few pictures of Macy digging into one of them which was really cute.  But since I’m not sure if they want me posting pictures of her, I’m sure they will update their blog soon with pictures from the party.  Can you tell that Emily likes strawberries?

Also, yesterday was my 27 week mark and the beginning of the 3rd trimester. Alright! Only 3-ish more months to go!  Wait….so this thing is supposed to get even bigger??? Oh snap.


And just an update on Devin’s presentation.  He felt really good about it and thought that he did his best and that there wasn’t really much else he could have done to improve it. He called me shortly after he was done sounding relieved and excited for how well things went.  Or maybe that had something to do with the gift the CIO gave all the IT interns after they finished presenting.



Yep, that would be a 16GB iPod Touch.  Sure beats the mug and globe beach ball he got last year.  But apparently my niece and nephew get some use out of the ball when they go to my parents house to play so I guess it’s not totally useless.

Other than that, we are down to only four weeks left here in California. With just a few weekends left we are trying to figure out how to spend our time to make the most of it.

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