I can’t take it any more!

I just have to say this: what the heck is up with all these people who are supposedly endowed and yet think they can shed the modesty rule in the summer?! I’ve seen pictures of a good half a dozen people who think that dressing up (ie weddings), hiking, and just plain being out and about can’t reasonably  be done WITH appropriate clothing on.  Give me a break people! If a pregnant lady can workout with all the layers on, so can everyone else!

And while I’m on the soapbox about clothing, can we not just dress appropriately in general?! I mean, things like wearing pajamas in public was cool for like a month in high school…or around the campfire when it’s too dark to see anything. Put some real clothes on and show some respect for yourself and everyone around you.

K, I’m done.

4 thoughts to “I can’t take it any more!”

  1. you’d be surprised how much pajama-wearing you’ll wanna do after your baby comes!! It seems to be the only thing that fits and makes you feel somewhat comfortable!! Good for you though if you can bring yourself to actually get ready for the day after having a baby….I would definitely envy you!! Jammies and hoodies….a must have for lazy people like me!

  2. My friend and I were just talking about this last week. My favorite line that I have heard is “It was just way to hot to wear our garments…”
    So you just had a skin tight tube top sitting around? Seriously people!
    I admit, after having kids, I can often be found in my house in pj’s after 12pm but you will never find me at the grocery store with them on. It’s not that hard to slip a pair of jeans on.

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