A mistake is bound to happen

You always hear about those pregnancy moments where women do stupid or clumsy things. I’m not sure that the ones I’ve had are silly enough to be blamed on pregnancy (like putting the ice cream in the fridge instead of the freezer) but there are two that are constantly in the back of my mind I’m afraid I’m going to do one of these days.

Texting.  For the longest time I didn’t have Dave’s, my father-in-law, cell phone number in my phone. He hardly uses it anyway but at some point I put it in.  No big deal, right? No. This has totally messed up my texting to Devin. Devin used to be the first "D" in my phone but now, Dave is. So when I text and then go to enter the number via the phone book and do the search by entering 3 for D, the first one it hits is Dave, not Devin like before. So now I have to scroll down one to select Devin.  It’s so awkward when I get a text from someone and I have no idea what they are talking about but feel like I should.  I just know that one day when I am in a hurry I’ll forget to scroll down and send Dave a text (which I never do anyway so it would be totally weird to begin with) and create this very confusing situation. Blah.

Then there is this thing that could go very wrong in the shower. Every time I think about it I think about my old roommate Mari and her post about a similar thing.

We have this tongue scraper that we keep in our shower.


Then I have these disposable razors (which I love BTW and they are only like $3 for 4…or something). Not a big deal right? Except that the razors come in a pack of a variety of colors, including purple. See where I’m going with this? 


I’m afraid that one day, while half asleep, I’ll scrape my legs and shave my tongue. Ug.

It gives me the shivers every time I think about it. 

In other news, Saturday I am officially 27 weeks and in the 3rd trimester! I know I said I didn’t want to post pictures so much but I think now I actually look pregnant.  Not just in that awkward stage where people think to themselves, "is she pregnant or just fat?"  Not that I don’t feel fat, because I certainly do. But here is me last Sunday just after my 26 week mark.


Yesterday I finally bought some baby clothes myself. I was at Target just wasting time and found a few cute things on the clearance rack. So I got this cute tank top which is a 12m size but could totally work for a newborn dress with a onesie under it. And I got a pair of shorts and a romper. None of which cost more than $1.79 each, thank you very much.

3 thoughts to “A mistake is bound to happen”

  1. Your belly is so perky! I love it! I’ve also heard of some people putting a symbol in front of a name in the contacts so that way their frequent contact always pops up at the top. Just an idea…

  2. oh my gosh the razer and tongue scraper thing totally made me shiver! AH! That would be SOOO bad!! You look adorable though…such a cute prego lady!! Then there’s ladies like me that got fat all over! AH! You look so cute I can’t stand it. Miss you guys….good luck Devin on hopefully getting an offer! I’m sure you did great! Can’t wait to see you guys back home again!

  3. Please don’t shave your tongue and scrape your legs. That would make me pass out if you posted about it! And you look adorable pregnant!

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