First trimester revisited

I had a good enough attitude for Sunday’s fiasco that now I am entitled to complain a bit.

Just a little warning.

The last few days I’ve felt like I started over.  Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I’m feel nauseous. Sometimes I hate food.  Sometimes I love food. Today I love Fruity Pebbles (tasted good going down)and hate PB&J (tasted bad burping up). And dang those pesky charlie horses! (does it make any sense that I get them when I stretch my legs but the cure/prevention is to stretch?) Despite feeling like crap, I still mustered up the strength to workout since I got a decent nights rest. An hour of the elliptical, 30 minutes of stretching, and 50 minutes of leisurely treadmill combined with hand weights only to come home to a two hour long nap. Works for me.

I, of course, had different plans for the day. I originally was going to go about 30 minutes up north to get a printer for Devin.  Since that would put me halfway to Austin and Emily’s place, I was going to go hang out with her and do some crafty stuff. Then Devin decided that he needed to see the printer and didn’t want me to drive all that way by my self.  All the better because as the day went on, I knew I couldn’t have handled two hours in the car….tired….without a radio. Blast those Sunday stealers.

Anyway, on the up side, our window has been fixed and parts for the control panel are on their way (thank you eBay). We have yet to start looking for a new stereo but my friend AnnMarie gave us a gift card for Best Buy. She’s so sweet.

Here is a picture of me at 29 weeks (last Saturday). Other than that, I’ve got nothing else.


3 thoughts to “First trimester revisited”

  1. Wow, I’m really impressed with all of your exercise. Good for you. Getting excited to see you guys again. Love you. Mom

  2. hey i think i might have an extra stereo too you can actually have it. Not sure if it’s EXACTLY like your old one you liked…but maybe it’ll do the trick? Just let me know if you want it! It’s yours! You look great, by the way!

  3. You look so cute! And I like that shirt. Ok, one of my most annoying symptoms lately is crazy restless leg syndrome. It keeps me from going to sleep at night. Sooooo irritating. I hope you don’t have any problems with that.

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