In ‘n Out and the Temple

Last Saturday we did our last little outing with our friends Austin and Emily. They have been busy trying to buy a house and since that has been taking up a lot of their Saturday time, we decided to meet up for lunch at In ‘n Out. You’re jealous, I know.  Devin took a few pictures with his monopod and obviously was having fun with it.


Dang, I just realized that all the pictures I just edited and saved have a watermark added to them. That would be Picasa saving that setting from some recent eBay pictures. Sorry about that.

Anyway, and here is a shot of Devin trying to get an inappropriate picture of me and Emily               jumped in on it. That stick is too long.


I wish we could have spent more time with them but they live about an hour away from us which was never something I felt up to driving by myself.

After lunch, we headed over the the distribution center so that I could buy one parachute maternity top to try out. I decided I only need those if I happened to be flying in a airplane and needed to make a jump mid-flight.

Since we only had a few quick shots of the Temple which didn’t include the sign, we decided to go take a couple while we were in the neighborhood.


The flag poll and waterless fountain don’t make for a great shot but you get the idea.


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