Riddle me this

What takes two dozen mini donuts, three hot cocoas, and diet Coke to make it more enjoyable?

A catamaran ride around San Francisco Bay!

When we first got here, our new Bishop suggested that we take a catamaran ride around the bay.  We had always planned on doing it but didn’t get around to it until I heard on the radio of a way to get a two-fer on tickets. Last Saturday we took an hour and a half ride around the bay on a 55′ catamaran. Like many days around the bay, it was cool and foggy so the whole sunset thing didn’t really work out but it was fun anyway.

[Again, sorry about all the watermarks on the pictures.]

The ride took us around the backside of Alcatraz (below) and then under the Golden Gate and back.


It was difficult to get any really good shots of the bridge because of the clouds and fog but at the same time, it made for some cool pictures. This one is one of my favorites.





Included with the ride was a small spread of munchies including Devin’s favorite–cheese and crackers. We also got two drinks each thus the three hot chocolates and a diet Coke.


The pier where the boat docked was next to where a bunch of sea lions sunbathe. Yes Dad, they still stink even when they are not in caves.

This one decided that he wanted to hang out with the boats instead of his fellow sea swimmers so he perched himself on the boat dock. You can see the other lumps of stinkyness in the background.


After the boat ride, we walked around Pier 39 for a bit where I got a seahorse charm to represent our summer here in California.  Why a seahorse?  Well, it was cuter than the sea lions and sailboats, for one.  And all summer they have been running a “special” seahorse exhibit at the Monterey Aquarium that we saw when we were there. So that fit just as well.

Of course after we got the charm we had to go back to the donut shop to get more donuts. Anyone who knows Devin knows that if he doesn’t want pizza, he wants a donut…or two….or a dozen.

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