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Coming to California was something we were definitely excited for. Among other things, we were excited to hang out with our good friends Austin and Emily.  However, we didn’t quite realize how difficult it was going to be to get together with them.  With the hour plus travel time between us and a variety of weekend obligations, we ended up only hanging out with them a handful of times. What a stinker.

Austin and Emily have had a blog for about a year now but it’s my understanding that Austin manned that ship most of the time.  But Emily has jumped on board and started her own blog! She came up with a clever name and explanation of the name. So check it out. I’m sure she’s got plenty good to say about keeping it real.

UPDATE: OK so she recently made it a private blog so sorry you missed out. But she might add you to her reader list if you ask nicely and let her know you know me. :o)

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