Back to the drawing board

I thought I had things mostly-ish figured out. Go to school, get pregnant, graduate, have a baby and life would go on from there. Oh, but then there is insurance. Blah.

The original plan was to be done with school but not officially graduate until baby came. But that plan was tossed aside when baby decided to not be baby until about 8-9 months after we wanted it to be. So, instead of finishing school and then having several months on BYU insurance with which to have the baby, we decided we’d look into paying some extra to use BYU extended insurance (for those who have graduated) until the baby came a few months later. As I started to look into things, they just looked expensive. But with all the checkups after baby comes and the due date being in the last few months of the year, we didn’t want to go with private insurance, dish out the money for the deductible only to have it reset in January.

So I called BYU Health Center. I know, I was desperate but hoping I’d get someone other than a student who had been working there for three days.  Fortunately, I got a nice lady who clearly knew what she was talking about. Come to find out, you can qualify for health insurance your last semester before graduating by only taking one credit! Awesome! So now all I had to do was petition to delay my graduation.

I’m sure plenty of people thought I was crazy trying to do this no more than 5 days before graduation was but hey, if it saves us $1,500, it is worth a shot. Come to find out my reason of “need to qualify for insurance” was reason enough for them to let me… far.

But this crazy, unorganized place being BYU certainly isn’t done making my life miserable. In short, college advisement says, “ok, you’re approved. You can register for classes.” Route Y says I can’t register. Registration office says, talk to the admissions. Admissions says “are you a BYU student?” (WHAT?!) Then they say I have to talk to Evening Classes Department. Evening Classes transfer me to BGS. BGS says, “we have to look into a few things and we’ll call you back.”

Bah! Still waiting…

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  1. Some things never change. Hopefully the nice lady at the health center really knows what she is talking about.

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