Half Moon Bay–Take 3

About a week before we left California we took another trip to Half Moon Bay.  We went with Devin’s boss John, his wife Megan and their son who is about a year and half old. Originally, we were going to go to a redwoods forest but then we realized that they have a fee to get in.  Since we had planned our outing for a Sunday, we decided it would be best if we did something fee-less. We are glad that we went back to the beach because the weather was so much nicer than the last time we went and John and Megan knew of other beaches in the area and things to do that we didn’t know about.

This first one is was a small secluded beach near a small light house.  I guess this was where a scene of the movie Bandits was shot.


After that beach, we went to another beach where there were tide pools. There was a low tide so we did some exploring.  There were a ton of hermit crabs, a few small crabs, and Devin found what we think was the only star fish in all the pools. I was disappointed that there were not any of the little green squishy things that you can squeeze to squirt people. I’m pretty sure they are small anemones which they had some big ones but not all the small ones everywhere like they do in Washington.


There were also a ton of seals on the beach and in the water. They had an area blocked off with cones so people wouldn’t disturb them but we walked up a trail where you could look down the cliff at them.


So another fun trip to Half Moon Bay.

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