The best bakery ever?

While in California Devin was introduced to the delicious makings of a bakery in Los Gatos. It’s called Icing on the Cake. Someone at work bought a cake for a little celebration they were having and of course, Devin fell in love.  Which led him to introduce me to the yummies.

When we first went there, we got a cookie and a piece of cake. The cookie was a chocolate chip cookie but it had chunks of brownie in it.  Genius. The cake was of course chocolate, with chocolate icing and a cream filling. So good!


We thought that it was a little far away to make too many trips there but decided we needed to go back a second time right before we left. That time we got the same cake and one of their cupcakes. It was much like the cake but had about a two inch layer of ganache on top. A little too much for us but it was still delicious.

When we were there the second time, we realized that the bakery was only about five minutes from my doctors office. Naturally, after my last visit, I had to take one last trip there. Devin wanted to get something for his team member that got him hooked on the place. I ended up getting several things for his co-workers which in hindsight, it probably would have been cheaper to buy a whole cake. But what do you do. His co-workers loved us for it and that was great.

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