Baby Blessing Surprise

Today was Katelyn’s baby blessing.  Normally, baby blessings are done on Fast Sundays (first Sunday of the month) but we had a special surprise in store for Devin’s family, specifically his mom.

Over the summer, we decided that we wanted to extend an invitation for Katelyn’s baby blessing to Grandma Far Away (Devin’s mom’s mother) who lives in Massachusetts.  She had not been to visit since we were married nearly five years ago and we, of course, have not been able to go to MA like nearly everyone else in the family. We weren’t expecting her to come since she doesn’t get out here much but thought that she would would at least appreciate an invitation. Over the summer, we wrote her a letter inviting her to come and told her she could pick from a few dates of when the blessing could be if she would like to be there. A couple weeks later she called and told us that she was coming!  We were so excited.

Grandma decided that she wanted to surprise everyone so for the past several months, we have been keeping her visit a total secret from everyone in Devin’s family. Last night Devin and my dad went to pick her up from the airport and she stayed with us since she got in kind of late. After careful planning and a few strategic moves, everyone was completely surprised when she showed up in the chapel.  We had her hiding upstairs at church and my dad went to get her once Devin’s family arrived and were seated in the chapel. We couldn’t resist getting it on video. Don’t worry….it was completely discreet and Robin didn’t even realize we were videoing since it was just with our small pocket camera.

I wish we could have gotten Robin’s face but you get a pretty good idea of her reaction just by the double take that she did and by seeing Dave’s face (Devin’s dad) and his brother Aric’s face as well.

Grandma will be here for the next couple weeks and will be here for Thanksgiving, too. We are so glad that she was able to come and I look forward to getting to know her better.

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  1. Yeah, so you got me one time and it was a pretty one time at that. I guess this makes up for all those “surprises” I did for you when you were young Devin. I can see that you have carried on the family “surprise” tradition and it was a doosey! Wow!!! Thanks again you guys!!!!

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