Katelyn’s Baby Blessing


Like I said in the other post, Katelyn’s baby blessing was today.  Since Grandma Far Away was coming, we were holding our breath to see if my parents would be able to be here for the blessing.  My parents had planned to be here for the blessing but my sister-in-law, Tara, was also pregnant and her due date was about a month after me.  However, there were several complications and she was considered high risk for delivering early. Because of that, my parents weren’t sure if they would have to head back to Texas earlier than they planned to help out Bryan and Tara with a preemie, our niece and nephew, and possibly Tara as there was discussion of her maybe needing to deliver via c-section.

Tara was induced on the fifth and was able to deliver their new baby girl, Hailey, normally.  For being about three weeks early, everything went very well and both Tara and Hailey went home healthy in the standard two days.  After some discussion, everyone decided that it would be OK if my parents stayed for the blessing. 

I was so glad that my parents were able to come and be here for the blessing, though I definitely missed having the rest of my family here. BUT, we will be going to Texas for Christmas so everyone will get to meet Katelyn then.


Here are some of the pictures that we took after the blessing. My mom made her beautiful dress. The booties were also made by my mom but they were actually the ones that I wore when I was blessed. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t look any cuter.



{my parents and us}


{with Grandma Far Away}


{Daddy and Katelyn}


{four generations}


{all the fam}


{the booties}


{our baby girl}


3 thoughts to “Katelyn’s Baby Blessing”

  1. Hi Brittany, she is so beautiful and you look fabulous too. Tell your parents I said hi and they look great too! Congratulations!

  2. She is such a doll. Those eyelashes are seriously to die for. And you look awesome too! Motherhood seriously agrees with you.

  3. The first and last pictures of her sleeping are so beautiful- they look professional! Are they? I really wish I had one with Macy like that in her dress- she was too fussy and then by the time she was happy it was dark and blah blah. I wish sooo bad that we could have been there- I would have cried my eyes out I’m sure! Did you have someone write down what Devin said? My sis did and I liked it. You prob remember some things and Dev others if you didn’t that you could write it now if not. I really really love the video with Devin’s mom too- wow what a great surprise for her!! I’m so glad that everything worked out for her to come and everything- you guys have been planning that forever! I am so happy that your parents got to be there and that Tara was okay and everything- I know I don’t know her, but I feel like I kinda do from you and this! I’m so happy for you that you and Dev got a good pic with her too!! Yay!!

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