What I’ve figured out so far…


Being at the three and half month mark you’d think I’d have this mothering thing down. Or somewhat. Well, here is what I’ve figured out so far.

Katelyn’s Schedule–She goes to bed anywhere from 9pm to midnight and wakes up anywhere from 6:30am to 9am. So not much of a schedule but we are getting there. Thankfully, she’s been sleeping through the night pretty consistently since a day or two before New Years. For us, through the night started as about seven hours, then eight, and now she usually is out for a good 10.

Once she finally wakes up in the morning she is usually all smiles when I go to greet her. I love it! Then she eats, I change her clothes and diaper, have a few minutes of play time and she’s back to bed within 45 minutes to an hour. Keep her up past that, she’ll be up for probably three hours but it definitely won’t be a happy three. During her first nap she’ll usually sleep for two to two and a half hours which is when I get my shower, breakfast, and blog reading in. Yes, that’s my “me” time. Selfish? Get over it.

Then she’s up for another feeding. Sometimes I have to wake her up from her first nap, though it is really tempting to just let her sleep…forever. After that, sometimes she’ll go down for another nap easily within an hour. But, after the first nap, the day is often unpredictable.

Katelyn’s Tricks and Favorites–Over the past few weeks she’s gotten quite good at rolling over from her stomach to her back. This is of course due to her overwhelming dislike of tummy-time. One of her favorites things to do during play time and after diaper changes is to be pulled up to a sitting position and then to a standing position. And her favorite treat? Yeah, her hands.

Recently she’s had a hard time eating. Not because she doesn’t like to eat, but because she’d rather be smiling and socializing with me.  It was like one day she just discovered that there is a face to look at while she eats. Sometimes it drives me crazy because I’m wanting to get it done but who can get mad when my little Bug is showing off her gummy smile. I love it. She just loves to smile all the time.

Oh, and finally she’s wearing size one diapers! She wore newborns until she was two and a half months old! It seems like she’s finally starting to fit them better, too. For about two weeks, it was like no matter what we put her in, she was gonna leak–the newborns were too small and the ones were too big. They have size 1-2, why not N-1? We weighed her on our shipping scale yesterday and she registered just under 12 pounds.

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, pictures of course!




We took these pictures today because she wore my blessing dress to church. It’s way too small for her but I had to do it at least once. I guess that’s what happens when you wait three months to take her to church.  But really, how was I supposed to know it would be too small? I mean, the tag does say 0-6 months. Yeah, that’s like saying a pair of jeans is size 2-12. Doesn’t work.

5 thoughts to “What I’ve figured out so far…”

  1. You waited 3 months to take her to church! Wow. I think she is adorable. And who wouldn’t love her gummy grin.

  2. lucky! ten hours at night is awesome! At this point i am happy if my little lady goes 4 or 5 hours at night without a feeding. She really is adorable.I love her big smiles.

  3. oh I just LOVE the pictures….what an angel ;-) She just can’t take a bad picture can she?? I’d LOVE to wake up to that smiley face every morning….you’re lucky! Kaden’s smiley face in the morning is super cute too ;-) Don’t ya love being a mom! Best job on earth.

  4. What?!? 10 HOURS!?! I hate you. Seriously. Haha- it’s really true that one day they just realize that you’re there and like “oh hi!”. I love that feeling of baby looking at you- I always would tell Macy, “I’m your Mama!”- I just felt like I was connecting so much right then. OMH!! She looks so freaking cute in these pics! I think she looks so much like Dev in the first one especially-haha. I can’t wait to hold her!!!!!!!!!!! I have a cool friend out here that you will like who has a three month old and I was just holding her tonight and as I was reading your posts I was thinking that Ava (her baby) is doing all the same things, so I can pretend I’m seeing what Katelyn is doing when I watch Ava =)

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