We survived (sort of)

It seems like it’s been a week in the making but we finally moved Katelyn into her own room. Nerve racking? Yes. Successful? Mostly.

Since the second bedroom has and always will be Devin’s “office”, it took some revamping to get her moved in there. First I needed to organize my craft table upstairs so that I could organize the storage shelf upstairs so that we could move some of Devin’s stuff onto the shelf but before we did that we had to organize his stuff so that I could have a craft table. Then we had to organize the bookshelf so that I had a place for Katelyn’s books and miscellaneous stuff (like the lamp, thermometer, baby monitor, etc). We then had to rearrange the closet so her clothes would fit and I would finally get my side of the closet back. We moved over the heater and fan, cleaned the blinds, vacuumed, dusted, unassembled the porta-crib so that it would fit through the doors, and called it good.

She slept through the night! Woo-hoo! Me? Nope. I was up a couple times making sure the monitor still worked and the temperature was around 70 degrees like its supposed to be. Unfortunately, the window in that room is a good three times larger than in ours so it got cold. So I was up turning the heater on for her and re-tucking her in.

So it’s still a bit of a work in progress. I would love to keep her in our room for the convenience and so I don’t have to worry about her getting cold but from what I’ve read, the longer you wait the harder time they have transitioning because by now they know there is someone else in the room with them. In addition, I want my closet, dresser top, and side of the bed back.

Oh, and the poop smell to go away. Does anyway else feel like they smell poop all the time, no matter where you are? Is she dirty? Did it get on her clothes? Did it get on my clothes? What’s going on?!

2 thoughts to “We survived (sort of)”

  1. I know what you mean about the poop smell. We don’t have a diaper genie, so if you don’t, that could be it, but I swear, I smell poop, and then I’m smelling it for hours after I’ve gotten rid of the poop. Oh, and the poop gets worse! When the solids start, at least it doesn’t run out everywhere, but boy does it get smellier, good luck with that.

  2. WAAAYY smellier! Diaper Genie is a must if you don’t have one. Also spray and stuff, but really it will still always be there… I think you are so awesome to transition her- I promise it’s worth it! One of the only easy things about Macy is how she goes down and that is because of the cry it out, which kinda starts with the transition because they have to get use to that first. You’re awesome!!

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