Let’s face it–once you get pregnant you start to compare yourself and/or your child to everyone else and their child. You’re always wondering how far along someone is to see if you look better or worse than they do. You wonder what size of clothes other babies are wearing to see if your baby is growing like they should. And on, and on.

So once Mari posted this, I began wondering when Katelyn would start doing the same thing. No, not that thing. She has already mastered those sound effects (which it is of course nice to know I’m not the only one blessed by those regular occurrences–again comparing).  I mean that cute little giggle that makes you want to giggle yourself. Katelyn is somewhere in the realm of 2-3 weeks younger so I’ve just been waiting. I caught her a time or two giving a quick laugh but nothing like hansom little Logan.

But then the other day she was just full of it when I went to change her. Still not quite like Logan but hey, we are practicing every day.

4 thoughts to “Giggles”

  1. I get so happy and equally so sad whenever I hear or see the next cute thing from Katelyn- sad because I want to be there so bad to hear and see it myself!! I know I always say that, but it’s really true. I wish I could see her just to get to know her herself, but I also wish I was there to be moms together and help each other out and go on walks and playdates and stuff. She is so sweet- I want kiss her and make her giggle too!! =)

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