Yep, five years. Five years since we did this:


Is that weird? Do you feel as old as I do? Where did the time go?

For our anniversary (February 5) we went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We figured it would be fun since that is where we had our luncheon after our sealing. We were seated in the corner of the same banquet room where we had our little family and friend celebration five years earlier. It was fun reminiscing about things we remembered, things we wish we remembered, things we did, and things we now swear we won’t do for Katelyn’s wedding. 

The next day we also did a little celebrating by going out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. (And yes, we blew nearly our entire month’s budget for eating out in two days). This is when failing to give Katelyn a bottle for the past month became an issue. Fortunately, she seemed to be content enough hanging out with Uncle Austin, Auntie Katie, and cousin Kaden that she didn’t mind not eating for some five hours. Needless to say, we’ve been practicing with the bottle so she doesn’t have a hunger meltdown next time we leave her with them.

So here’s to five wonderful years with my Devin!



3 thoughts to “Five…what?”

  1. Five years! I can’t believe you’ve been married that long. Your dress was beautiful bytheway.

  2. Happy 5th you guys!! I do feel as old as you do btw- 6 this summer for us is going to be worse than 5 was I think! (as far as feeling old- not a worse year haha)

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