Mod Podge anyone?

Let’s face it–being tied down to the apartment wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I thought of becoming a mommy. Thank you Utah winter weather. So I’ve been trying to think of things that I can do while I’m at home when the laundry and cleaning just ain’t appealing no more. And right now, those things just aren’t. (You would know this if you stopped by for a visit…so please don’t.)

Soooo, my creative juices have been flowing. In my mind I have, oh, dozens of craft projects that I’m just dying to do. But then all of me comes out. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal. That’s right. Don’t even think about vacuuming the bedroom unless you are willing to purge the closet, dust the fan, rotate the mattress, and hang a new picture on the wall. (Hence, our messy room that needs some attention.) Oh yeah, the point… I just like to get a lot done all at once.  None of this start-crocheting-a-hat-so-that-I- can-finish-it-later stuff. When that happens, I end up starting over. It’s a vicious cycle, that crocheting stuff. Anyway, so here is what I’ve done so far.

  • I managed to finish a hat for Katelyn and her two cousins. You saw that hat here.
  • I finally finished two hooded towels for my friend Melissa. (Now all I have to do is mail them…yeah.)
  • I made a pair of shoes for Katelyn. They are 90% done but it might just stay that way. I need more practice and they are too big for her right now anyway. We’ll see. (And this picture is awful…sorry).


  • I made this dress for Katelyn out of a skirt of mine. I guess you couldn’t quite see it in my previous post so here.


  • I made a blanket for my SIL Megan who is expecting her baby girl in the next few weeks. (Oh, how I need to take pictures when there is daylight.) IMG_0431

After all of this, I started thinking, “hey, I could make so much stuff!” So I started looking at blogs…and more blogs. Oh. My. There is a lot of stuff a mommy could make. I found this blog called Make It and Love It. There are tons of cute ideas for many different things. I like it because it gives a lot of tutorials instead of just saying, “come buy it from my etsy shop.” I admit though, some things are a little ridiculous and obvious like the spray painting the wicker basket. If you need a tutorial for that, you maybe shouldn’t be doing crafts.

So my up and coming craft goals are the following:

  • Make two car seat covers. One for me and one for my sis. Kind of like this but I’ve got a few tweaks that hopefully will make it a little more than a blanket with ribbon. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Scrapbooking Katelyn’s baby book….oh the endless pile of scrapbooking.
  • Decorate burp cloths. This could be fun.
  • Make three more baby blankets for my SIL Katie who is expecting triplets!

And probably much, much more. If only I had some mod podge.  Then I could make me some fancy shoes, too!

OK, kidding.

4 thoughts to “Mod Podge anyone?”

  1. Oh wow! You are quite the crafty one! I really wish I was!! I’m excited to partake of your amazing blankets for my triplets! That will be so much fun! And seriously, I’d like to take part in some of those other crafts you mentioned…they sound awesome. Maybe we could learn them together and then make our own or something fun like that? Ahh the possibilities. I’ve been trying to come up with a bunch of easy craft ideas for me to use when I’m cooped up in the hospital for 2 whole months this summer!! Some ideas I came up with was… crocheting hats, also making jewelry like watches, earrings, the whole deal. Anyway, sounds like a lotta fun, Britt! And the things you’ve made so far turned out ADORABLE!! Keep it up, Sister!

  2. Ok this cracks me up because guess what I was doing last night… Mod podging shoes! I’m not even joking, they’ll be on the blog soon. And I adore that dress you made by the way. So darling.

  3. This post is so funny because I was just thinking about how it would make a good day if I posted some of the crafts I’ve been working on. I need to take pictures first though, I guess! I so admire and envy your sewing ability! You are amazing! You are not allowed to be good at sewing AND scrapbooking!! You’re making me look bad…=) Anyways- all of these things are just amazing! And I have to tell you the hooded towel you made for Macy (I actually claim it is mine, but I guess it’s not my size) is something I cherish. It will be one of those things I will keep as a Grandma and have forever. And I have a confession to make…I feel really guilty telling you that I have been working on my present of a blanket for Katelyn forever and somehow it is still not getting done. I really, really meant to have it done right after she was born, but I promise I will try to get it to her asap! I haven’t said anything until now because I’ve felt guilty…I know you don’t care but I do! It just is getting so far away from when she was born to not tell you anymore! Anyways, I feel better telling you! I love, love, love all your crafts and can’t wait for you to teach me how to do these things- I need a teacher! Love you!

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