Thanks Grandma and Grandpa (and everyone else)!

There are only a few wedding gifts that I remember who they actually came from. Some I use more regularly than others. Here are my top, oh five. (Not to say that I didn’t/don’t appreciate every one of them because I do. I do. I do).

In little particular order…

The bathroom scale–Yep. She and I have a personal conversation on a daily basis. Some days she gets a high-five, others a swift kick in the rear end. It works for us. (Gift courtesy of Lana Garrett, a sister missionary who served in my home ward).

Cooking pots–Sure there’s the non-stick pans and those handy Ikea glass lids but when it comes to boiling water for pasta, making pizza sauce or anything of the likes, I go to my favorite Costco pots. (Gift courtesy of my parents).

Salt shaker and pepper mill–Never knew how much I loved pepper until I married Devin and we got a very functional pepper mill. We refill it more than the salt shaker. (Gift courtesy of my cousins Amber and Zach).

And last but not least…

The sewing machine–When I got this I always thought that it would be a space waster. Something we would grudgingly lug from place to place when we moved. But lately it’s been one of my best friends. Making clothes these days is usually not cost effective. However, there are plenty of little crafts you can do and re-purpose old clothes and fabric, especially when it comes to baby stuff. Love it! (Gift courtesy of my grandparents, hence the name of the post).

OK, so that’s only four but let’s just get to the point of this post.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been doing and want to do many craft projects. I think I’m obsessed. At the end of the day it helps me unwind and gives me a little intellectual challenge. So this week I finally got around to, and finished, a car seat cover for my sister.

Tah dah!


This ain’t no ordinary cover, either. I know you realized this because you are thinking, “but what are those brown strings hanging from the bottom for, Brittany?” Yeah, so you weren’t thinking that but you are now!

Let me demonstrate.


Yeah, it’s a draw string. This is for all those germy fingered people who don’t understand that the purpose of a cover or blanket is to keep them out but they lift it up anyway. Yeah, take that! That, and it keeps it from flying everywhere when it’s windy. This way you can keep it flat or scrunch it up.

Genius, I know.

And with the few remnants of fabric leftover I made my little up and coming nephew one of these.


Am I out of control or what?

So now I just have to make both of those for Katelyn. But now, I’m a pro.

One thought to “Thanks Grandma and Grandpa (and everyone else)!”

  1. That’s funny…I was just thinking about this the other day too. I don’t think I used my sewing machine for about 2 year after I got it. Now I think it is one of the most used wedding gifts, beside my kitchen aid. Good job on the sewing projects they look great!

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