ooohh kaaaay…..

Some days you can’t help but be grateful for inventors and their awesome products. The ones who made the calculator and the toothbrush are my personal faves. But some things are just silly and you can’t help but think, what is wrong with these people.

Things like the toe shoes:

Or the hug me pillow:

These things are continually on dealnews. Really? That popular?

4 thoughts to “ooohh kaaaay…..”

  1. Did you know my Grandpa Leavitt invented the first calculator with trig functions? Sadly, the technology was quickly surpassed so it didn’t make him a bazillionare, but I have him to thank for getting me through college math.

  2. The toe shoes are actually very comfortable and are recommended by podiatrists if you’ve had a stress fracture or other such problem. Runners also like them a lot too if there has been an injury and you want to run again.

  3. I’ve heard good things about the toe shoes. Too bad I care what I look like. Just like no matter how many times I’m told Crocs are comfortable, you will never find them on my feet.

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