It’s back. That wonderfully horrible feeling that I need to eat everything. Everything in sight. Everything out of sight. Everything. Period.

In one of the dozen books that I read while I was pregnant and that I have referred back to countless times since being pregnant, I read about nursing. (Duh, that’s obvious). I read how in the first six weeks postpartum it is not as crucial to pay close attention to your diet because the baby will basically be nourished by your lovely fat stores that you have been working on for the past nine months. But after that, your body will be needing those extra calories. I’m not a calorie counter. Never have been and don’t plan on taking up that hobby any time soon. So I took the advice of many others who said eat when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty.

Thirsty? Check. That has been non-stop since I essentially came-to after the surgery. 

Hungry? Wow. Can we say six weeks, to the day?  While I was pregnant I didn’t really feel like I had crazy cravings or ever need the 9pm rush to the store for something ridiculous. That just never hit me. I never felt like I had the appetite for two. I never found myself in the Taco Bell parking lot chowing down 12 burritos like I’ve heard some women do.  But when six weeks postpartum hit, I needed food.  I needed chocolate, candy, ice cream, pizza, pasta, salad…anything I could get my hands on.

Anyway, back to my point. For the first time, Katelyn is having a noticeable growth spurt–or at least that is what her eating patterns are indicating. Today she was hungry about every two hours and would then eat for a good 30 minutes, completely emptying both sides. For her, that is strange considering she is usually a 5-10 minute, one side eater.

As a result, the tuna noodle casserole that I made this afternoon is now half gone. Same with the cookies I made two nights about.

Oh boy.

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  1. Brittany!! How DARE you tell my Taco Bell secret!! =) (honestly though, that is funny because it is pretty true…)

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