I’m a believer

Since we are going to Europe with a seven-month-old, we decided we needed to get some gear that will make the trip easier (if that’s at all possible).

We found out that our home teacher and his wife have two products that I was pretty sure I wanted but I wasn’t 100% since I’d never actually seen one of them and hadn’t tried either.  They are expensive and have great reviews so how can you go wrong.

Fist off, the Bob jogging stroller.  I knew that eventually I wanted to get a jogger.  Probably not until we got to California but I knew I wanted one nonetheless. Personally, I was fine with an el cheapo. But then Devin started to researched them for a possible Europe purchase. He decided he wanted  to get a Bob. Great! If he’s willing to spend the money I won’t object. But are they really worth it?

Yes, I think so. It’s so light, easy to fold, sturdy, and easily maneuverable. Though, after our test drive we decided we would forego the stroller idea for our trip. But the Bob is still on my wish list.

Next item: the Ergo baby carrier. I knew we needed something a little more hefty than the old Bjorn and after seeing one of my visiting teaching partners carry around her two year old in it and then cradling her six-monther I knew it was the one I wanted.  Again, great reviews, though expensive. I just needed to convince Devin. And I did. He tried it with Katelyn and loved it.

Done and done.

But wait…

The whole “I’m a believer” thing has nothing to do with those two. 

Ever heard of a Moby Wrap? Yeah, I know what you are thinking–“those ugly, hippy, ridiculous looking things for all those crazy baby wearing moms?”  Yep, those are the ones. Our home teacher’s wife asked if I wanted to try it.  I said yes out of some curiosity but mostly to be polite since she seemed really excited about it.

This thing is awesome.

Now don’t get me wrong…I still think they are the ugliest things known in the baby world and I certainly felt like I needed to braid my hair and flash a peace sign to passersby but it really was comfortable.  In addition, at no point do I intend to become a baby wearing mama. I think that is one of the most ridiculous concepts.  I side with the research that leans towards constant baby wearing being more physically hazardous than emotionally beneficial. I’ve seen first hand babies who are overwhelmingly sedentary when they should be kicking, crawling, and moving about. But hey, you are welcome to form your own opinion.

With that said, I’m totally going to make me one of these. They sell for $40-60 and you can make them easily for probably $15…or less.  And though I love our Bjorn, Katelyn is verging on 15 pounds. Something’s gotta give and I’d prefer it not be my back.

2 thoughts to “I’m a believer”

  1. My friend loaned me her moby and i love it! It was especially great when Logan was brand new because I could just put him in it and he would snuggle up and fall asleep. I want to make my own too because I’m going to have to give that other one back soon :(

  2. For traveling I LOVE our Maclaren. It’s light and isn’t much bigger then a person walking through a door. Also you can turn it 360 degrees while standing still. It’s a great stroller. Not the same as a jogging stroller and I’d totally go for a Bob too for that purpose. But of the four strollers we have bought I still prefer the MaClaren for traveling.

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