I’ll take the Backstreet Boys any day

So here is what I don’t get: a cappella. I just don’t get it. What I don’t get even more is this so-called “vocal play” style of a cappella. It drives me crazy. The opening act for Michael Buble was this group called Naturally 7. I just felt like I was watching a bunch of high school boys playing their air guitars, coordinating a few tacky dance moves, and singing the same words over, and over, and over, and over…

Yeah. Not my cup of tea.  What’s more is that I totally had deja vu. Years ago I went to a Natalie Cole concert where there was also an a cappella group that opened and I swear they had the exact same act. And no, it’s not the same group.  (Unless they have since become major addicts of the tanning bed…)  They also had one of their members do the same “Come Together” beatboxing version that someone did on American Idol this season. Maybe they came up with it first but nonetheless, I think it’s time for a little change. So…lacking in originality much? So yes, Backstreet Boys are better.

But Michael?  Yeah, he was awesome!  I love jazz music.  I grew up on it. My parents are jazz fans. My brother was in the jazz band during middle school and much of high school.  My sister and I did the same. Being at that concert made me miss those days.  Those days of getting up early only to make it there 15 minutes late. (Who needs to warm up a piano anyway?) Those days of getting out of seminary 15 minutes early so we could warm up that piano. (The piano in high school was always much colder…or something…)  Those days of concerts, fundraisers, dances, competitions, long bus rides, and road trips.  Those days of playing a keyboard when all you knew was how to play a piano.  (YES, there is a difference).  Those days of cranky parent chaperones. Those days of “is this improvising?” Those days of “nope, that’s comping.” Those days of, “huh? What the heck did you said?”

Yeah, those were the days. Sometimes I just have to blast the jazz to get things moving.

It makes me happy.

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  1. When I started reading this I immediately thought of the Natalie Cole concert too. Funny. I miss those jazz band days. We weren’t some of the cranky chaperones were we. What great memories you kids gave us.

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