Is it over yet?

It’s no secret that I’ve been waiting to leave Utah since we got here. If I had known the exact day we would leave from day one I probably would have made one of those paper chains. We officially have four full days and a few hours until we leave for Houston. With any luck we will only be here a day or two after we get back from Europe and then we hit the road again. Excited? That might be a bit of an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of perks around here. There just isn’t enough.

Needless to say these past few weeks have been completely stressful. Just about every other day I feel the need to have a meltdown. But then I come to my senses and realize I don’t have time for that. With moving, all of Devin’s projects, and a handful of other miscellaneous junk that’s been going on, it’s no wonder how much I want to get out of this place.

Somehow all three of us have managed to press on. Devin finished his classes and finals! Yes and yes! We are both so grateful for our BYU experience but even more thankful that it’s completely over (knock on wood). Last week my parents came for a few days to celebrate our accomplishments. Even though I was completely done with my graduation requirements since July (contrary to popular belief) I opted to walk with Devin when he finished. No sense in having my parents come twice and sitting through two ceremonies when one will do.


We wanted to take Katelyn with us when we walked and had to dress her up a little for the occasion.


I walked with Devin in the Marriott School ceremony. Man, oh man. They really need to break up that ceremony. Way too many people for everyone to sit through. Fortunately, since Devin is a masters student, we were privileged to sit on the cushy seats and among the first names to be read. Devin was telling everyone that was exactly the reason that he paid the big bucks for graduate tuition–for the comfy seats.  Yeah, something like that.

And yes, I’m totally behind in my blogging.  More to come…

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  1. congrats! Graduation is a big deal. We went to the Marriot School ceremony and got to be on the front row. We ended up leaving early though because I was pregnant and feeling crapy. It was a long ceremony.

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