Meh, who needs a professional?

For a while I wanted to get professional pictures taken of Katelyn but things kept getting in the way. First, the never ending money issue. Can I justify $100 for pictures just to want more taken even a month later? No, not really. Then there is finding a photographer. Ugh. Not so much fun. Seems like they are a dime a dozen these days and their pictures seem to be worth that much too. At six months I’d decided just to go to an inexpensive studio in Provo. Katelyn protested by putting a nice scratch on her cheek so no go.

Then I got a few comments about the pictures I took of her around graduation. Remember these? I had read up on a few things in the camera manual and we got a new lens (love it) that is designed for portraits. After messing with some settings and angles I decided to see what I could come up with.

What do you think?

Here is Katelyn a few days past her eight month mark.


IMG_1357 IMG_1359





Here she is just last week at nine months and one day. (Sheesh…already?)







IMG_1571 IMG_1581




I like the first set better because the colors turned out better. I think she needs to wear darker colors which is a good portrait rule in general.

And so I decided to forget a professional photographer for Katelyn’s shots. Eventually we will probably need one for a family shot but that’s another project. But how can you go wrong with a 10 minutes session and no additional cost?


2 thoughts to “Meh, who needs a professional?”

  1. LOVE them. The first set is definitely better and I’m impressed! I struggle to love photographers because I feel like there’s SO many people thinking, “Hmmm… I’ve got a nice camera. How about I charge people for me to take there picture. I don’t think ever having a photography lesson will matter.” These are super cute and Katelyn is a doll!

  2. they are very good please teach me…seriously I must be the worst photographer ever…tips PLEASE

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