Seems like lately life has been just that–ho-hum. There’s plenty to do but when it comes to Katelyn, she keeps me busy. Don’t believe me?


This was three weeks ago. Nowadays, her right knee actually hits the floor…occasionally. In addition, she’s pulling up on furniture and eating everything. (Or at least trying to).

To shake things up a bit, we went to the park this week where Katelyn discovered that sitting in the grass isn’t as bad as she originally thought. She loves string. Grass is similar to string. She loves grass. She loves to eat grass…er, try to.


She loves to swing. (That’s my girl!)


Recently we got a new ride. Play? Yes.

Ride? Not so much. We’re getting there.


Last week we ignored the pile of laundry in the hall way and went swimming to cool down. (Yes, we have no AC. It’s all good…)

Katelyn enjoyed it so much she almost fell asleep.


Which brings me to some of our favorite things about her. For the first time since she started to refuse to swaddle, she’ll cuddle with you! She’ll lay her head down (like the picture) and just relax. It makes bedtime so much more enjoyable.

Her newest trick is making a smooching sound. If you do it to her she’ll do it back to you, often accompanied by a big smile.

We may or may not have used cheese to train her to do this. I had a dog growing up.

You go with what you know…

One thought to “Ho-hum”

  1. Ha ha, I like the cheese training. I can’t believe she’s crawling! Logan is still not that close. Oh well, less work for me I guess? He’ll be mobile eventually.

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