Not-so-up-to-date Update

Last week was Katelyn’s 9-monther. Only slightly behind due to the change in…well, everything. I didn’t have time to research a pediatrician so I just went with the one and only recommendation I had from a fellow ward member.

I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t agree with her expert advise because her questionnaire asked how many ounces of juice your child drank every day. This made me think she was encouraging juice but on the contrary. Turns out she discourages it. Agreed.

Things went well. I got some great information on feeding our little Bug. I feel like I’ve been in the dark ever since she started solids. How much? How often? What? The? Heck? Am? I? Doing?

Since then I’ve been offering a lot more finger foods and she loves it. Today she sat and ate dinner for a solid hour. She was loving all the food and is getting quite particular about feeding herself instead of me feeding her. Not as clean but sure is cute watching her stuff her mouth with banana and get excited about it. Not to mention this should be a lot cheaper than buying the baby puree. I bought a big bag of fresh veggies for $5 and all I have to do is steam them. I like it.

Anyway, she seems to be doing great. She’s 26 inches tall and weighs just under 16 pounds, both of which puts her around the 6th (or something) percentile. (Is it weird that my 9-month-old is still wearing 3-month clothes?) Apparently it’s expected that they go down in weight percentile when they start getting more mobile…or something.

On the down side, her sleeping habits are killing me. She’s pretty good during the day. Usually two naps at 1-2 hours each. She’s usually in bed by 7pm and wakes up for the day around 7:30. But in between, totally frustrating. Last night she did an “I feel like waking up every two hours” night. Devin can hold her and rock her to soothe her but if I try that she gets frustrated that I’m not feeding her, even though she’s not really hungry and certainly doesn’t need to eat. Anyone have any good suggestions? And by good  I mean something more than just cry it out. I think that might work if she woke up a time or two but four or five? Yikes.

I’m tired….

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  1. I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but when Macy would do that, I would give her a few cheerioes or little pieces of bread/banana/anything I could handle cleaning up while asleep. She was distracted enough by the food that she forgot she wanted to nurse and it maybe filled her belly to the tip toppest? Then I could do the bedtime routine of song, cuddle, scratch your back and she would go down. I got that idea from my friend Val- she weaned Claire using froot loops- which, since it worked, I would have totally done if mk didn’t wean herself…I am so different than I thought I would be- desperation can drive you to do almost anything *sarcastic laughing* (since I can’t say haha).

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