11 Months


Friday was Katelyn’s 11-month mark and we took these pictures of her yesterday. It was little cold and breezy so she wasn’t as happy, thus not as many great shots to choose from. But we got a few smiles out of her.

The one in the top left describes perfectly the stage she’s in right now–she points at everything. I got about a dozen shots of her pointing. If only I could figure out what she wanted half the time.

Her newest trick is that she figured out what a straw is supposed to be used for. That was an exciting day. To our dismay, she’s stopped showing us how big she is. Instead, she tries to imitate the pitch and rhythm of what we say in attempts to say “this big!” or “throw it in the oven.” She also imitates us when we laugh.

On Saturday we got her a humming bird feeder. Best four bucks we ever spent. She loves watching birds any time…all the time. The feeder brings them closer and more often. She was glued to the glass door for quite a while after we put up the feeder. Watching…  Waiting…

IMG_2110 IMG_2114

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  1. Also, these pictures are amazing- I decided that you will do a great job with Macy’s photoshoot as well…

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